5 Creative Ideas for Interior Wall Design

Designing a wall is like you’re creating imaginative artworks with limitless creativity. You will become an artist with your favorite brush and color palette in your hand, choosing any colors, textures, patterns, and designs to make it look as special and attractive as you want. Wall design is one of the highlights of interior design. The perfect one that can be blended in with the room’s overall style will beautifully enhance the look and feel. We’re not talking about only the color paintings, there are hundreds of wall decor that can suit your place, such as wall paneling, wall tiles, and so on.

If you’re searching for a creative way to add a sense of style to your room, here we provide you the coolest ideas of wall design for any interior design.

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1. Wall paintings


If you don’t want your space to look too monotonous, give them color and texture by adding a contrasting color through wall paintings. Color of the wall will totally change the look and feel of your interior design. For wall decor, some people like it simple, while some people like to paint it vivid and colorful. Even it’s a single plain color, the painting options also matters. When you choose matte, textured, emulsions, or enamel paintings, each of them brings you a different touch. Matching color is the main point of this wall design. Let the overall interiors guide you to choose the favorite color palette that personalizes every one of your rooms.

2. Wallpaper


When thinking of your customized pattern and design, this type of wall design must be the first option that pop-up into your mind since it is manufactured by printing techniques. Wallpaper is something like the artwork that you hang on the wall, offering you an iconic interior design. It will define the personality of your room. Aside from normal graphic patterns, there are also photo-realism wallpapers that will look almost like real natural textures, such as wood and brick. If you are known as a fickle person, feel free to change a wall decor and install your wallpaper anytime you want. And, good news, vinyl wallpaper is easy to clean dirt and watermarks, so don’t afraid if your babies are so naughty with crayons!

3. Wall tiles


Why keep the beauty only on the floors? while it can be decorated anywhere, from floor to walls, from wall to ceilings. Installing wall tiles is the smart way to spotlight your living space through dazzling colors, textures, patterns, and designs. Presently almost every room, especially the bathroom interior design is really popular with this wall decor. Instead of using plain white tile as always, getting out of your safe zone, break up a neutral-tiled wall, and try various styles by layering tiles of different materials. Tile wall design helps add tons of movement and dimension to your room, turn it to be an impactful space that we could stare at the wall for hours.

4. Wall panel


Speaking of wall panellings, there are over a million ideas with tons of material for you to complete the interior design of your room, such as wooden, wainscot, veneer, fabric, metal, chipboard, PVC, and glass. Each of them has its own unique appearance that can create a unique and outstanding look in its own ways. Think of a luxury bedroom with a royal touch, the elegant fabric wall panel will be a good choice. Whilst installing white vertical veneer wall panel will deliver the nautical vibe and clean cottage look. But if you don’t want all the walls to stand out, just pick one wall to decorate and let it be the stunning gimmick that will draw every eye coming to your room. However, be sure to keep paneled walls far away from direct sunlight since some materials like fabric or laminate can fade away and become pale.

4. Plaster finish


As you can see, everything old is new again. vintage fashion and antique interior design become trending these days. As well as the plaster wall design, which is mostly used in construction since the time of ancient Egyptians. High-end homeowners love this wall decor, when the raw plaster finish brings their spaces a rustic feel with a coarse texture on the wall. You can take time and select the most unique plaster wall to characterize your space since there are many types that give you various surface appearances, such as clay, slaked line, gypsum, Venetian, Tadelakt, and neo plaster. Some deliver you a clean and polish look, some give you a rough and matte finish. Good news, plaster is made of natural materials like limestone or gypsum, making it a more eco-friendly choice, unlike some paints. It’s water-resistant, durable, and can last longer for decades. If you’re seeking a way to add depth and luminosity to your interior design, a plaster wall is highly recommended.

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Aside from our ideas, there are tons of interesting wall designs for you to explore. Don’t let your imagination stop here, you can use our guideline as a reference and start designing your own masterpiece by mixing various wall decor ideas altogether. Moreover, Leo Design Group and our professional designers are here to support you. If you’re interested in interior design services or need consultancy, feel free to contact us anytime.

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