5 Reasons Why Neoclassical Interior Design never go out of fashion

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Nowadays, if you ask these generations about the ideal interior style they love, you would hear the expected answers like Modern, Luxury, Minimal, or Contemporary for sure. Most of them absolutely think of the word ‘Classical’ as the old-fashioned style from hundred years ago, since they remember it as the interior design with traditional and extra-decorative furniture that sometimes looks too much for this century.

Because classical has gone outdated, neoclassical interior design takes place as the renewed version of classical style, but, for the modern world. It’s the modern interpretation of the classic interior.

As the name, ‘Neo’ means new, revived, and modified. Neoclassical was born to adapt into any modern house in present-day, but still, keep the unique charm of classic which is luxurious and elegant. Like they said, luxurious but not ostentatious.

Reason 1 : Timeless beauty

Source : Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior Design

Unlike the classical era where any furniture always reminds us of the popular Rococo or Baroque style in the past. We always love complicated detail since it brings us the luxe accent, but we need to forget it now. The design of neoclassical furniture is more universal. Today is the age of simplicity and symmetric. A classic and concise design, as well as a simple linear form and geometric element, also delivers the glamorous look you never imagine.

However, we don’t abandon all signature details like frieze, wall molding, fretwork, and especially gold leaf. We still keep them to create precious decorative details that make neoclassical neoclassical.

Reason 2 : Muted but richest palette

Source : Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior Design

One of the important things to do, setting the tone for your space. We have more freedom to choose various shades of color in classical interior design, from light to dark, just be sure it’s muted or saturated. Basically, designers pick a neutral and gentle palette like white, cream, beige, ivory, and grey, then apply the rich accent color like red, gold, silver to create attractiveness. But these days, it’s possible to try pale pink, dark navy, mustard yellow, or even pastel green, to modernize the whole place.

Reason 3 : Premium but practical material

Source : Home-designing

In classical era, premium furniture means furniture that is made of premium genuine material. Of course, the hardwood from the tree that takes over 10 years to grow is super expensive. That’s why it’s always chosen to complete the luxurious and expensive look. But neoclassical interior design lets you feel free to choose any favorite kind of material for your furniture. Even the MDF cabinet or laminate floor looks classy by choosing the glamorous texture and color and ending up with a rich finish like metal or brass outline.

Neoclassical homeowners prefer more practical items. You know, we can always look premium and authentic while still being practical and durable.

Reason 4 : Space balances everything

Source : Home-designing

Classical interior design uses the maximum of furniture, maximum of detail, and maximum of materials, while neoclassical interior design is the opposite. This style needs space. The prior mission is to balance the arrangement of everything in the room. Focus on minimum quantity to avoid clutter and overloaded appearance. No more massive and bulky furnishing.

It’s not only for decorative purposes to represent how wealthy you are anymore, neoclassical delivers you a comfortable and cozy living that is pleasing to your eyes anytime you look at it.

Reason 5 : Effortless luxury upholstery

Source : Khoa Dinh Interior Design

As same as the materials, everything is concerned to be more practical and varied than before. Instead of jacquard and tapestry which are premium, expensive, but fragile, neoclassical interior designs wanna try on natural ones like linen or cotton, which is natural-made and more durable for everyday use. Don’t worry that it might not look that luxurious, there are a hundred ways to embellish the upholstered furniture. Try embroidered or braided cushion, add decorative tassels or cords, or place the finest Oriental or Geometric rugs on the bedside or sofa area. Paying attention to every single detail is also the tip to create a luxurious aesthetic.

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